About Me

Growing up, my dad could never afford photos of himself. When he migrated to Chicago, one of the first things he invested in was a camera. He never missed a moment with us. Whether my siblings and I were doing chores, making snowmen in the crazy Chicago winters or falling in a water fountain, you best believe my abbu was there- taking photos- creating memories that would last a lifetime!

I get my passion from him. & ever since he passed away, its even more important that I keep his love of photographing happiness going! I have been doing photography for almost a decade and have experience with all sorts of situations.

When I am not editing photos or working in healthcare, you can catch my husband and I making the most epic burgers, moving all the furniture around or enjoying some sunshine in the backyard!

Our engagment session in 2020. Photography by MadihaKhanSyedPhotography

I promise to guide you through the entire process. From the moment you book me, I will go over all the logistics including locations, outfits, expectations (and parking recs!).

I do this because I genuinely get such immense joy looking at photoshoots at the end of the night. Lets work together & create something pure & full of love.